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About Lana

Hey Makers! I’m Lana - the dreamer behind this colorful concept.

I’ve been a crafter practically since birth, and have a love for people and all things crafty and colorful :) I’ve dreamed of opening a craft studio for about 5 years now, and this dream is finally coming true!

I’m 30 years old and I live in and love on downtown Modesto with my sweet husband, Alex who is a constant encourager (and quite often the muscle !!! ) behind my crazy endeavors to open a studio while continuing my full-time day job as an HR clerk.

Beginning at age 16, I began experiencing crippling anxiety and OCD symptoms that nearly kept me from keeping a regular job. I held on to my dreams of someday opening a business, and by my early 20’s, I began by selling hand-made wedding garters on Etsy to supplement the jobs I could get while struggling with a severe mental illness. Crafting and creating encouraged me, and pulled me out of a dark hole that I often hid in. It was a constant throughout my life, and kept me motivated.

My hope is that I can inspire and encourage others to follow their creative sides and dreams, and to maybe find a new skill and make some new friends along the way. All areas of expertise are welcomed!