2nd Annual Gift Wrapping Gala

I am preparing for our 2nd Annual Gift Wrapping Gala!!!!

Make Studio Modesto Blog | 2nd Annual Gift Wrapping Gala

This is such a fun party idea that my sister dreamed up years ago! She said, “What if people brought all their gifts to one place, and you provided wrapping paper, bows — everything!”

One of the most brilliant ideas that has ever been for this little studio of mine :)

That’s what we’re doing! Now to decide on themes!!!

Christmas 2018 Bucket List

Make Studio Modesto Blog | Christmas 2018 Bucket List

So I didn’t post last week because I was busy, busy preparing for a local handmade market in which I was a vendor for the very first time!

For those of you that don’t know, I’m an HR Director by day, and crafter by night, so this last week I’ve been super busy getting our employees set up with their health insurance selections for the year, and it was kind of a whirlwind crafting, and working at the same time, and throw Thanksgiving in the mix and it was quite the week! Here is a look at what my booth looked like!

Would you believe we fit that hutch in hubby’s ‘84 Volvo Wagon?!? He’s amazing for helping me too! Couldn’t have done it without his help!

But, I decided to take a few minutes to share my night with you, and ALSO my little bucket list for the holidays. You see, with my busy schedule, being a lover a Christmas, I almost have to write down everything I want to do, or what makes the season for me, so I can remember it all. When I start stressing (which rarely happens because I love the holidays that much) that’s when I tell myself, I don’t have to cross off everything on my list, and I can do some things next year instead. Besides, are the neighbors really going to hate me if I don’t get to bake cookies for them?

Here is my bucket list, what’s on yours?

Make Studio Modesto Blog | Christmas 2018 Bucket List